UV Light enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980, to design and manufacture UV curing system.



Head office/ factory :No.36, 39th rd., Taichung industrial park, Taichung, Taiwan Shanghai factory : Shanghai, China



Our management philosophy is "Honesty, Innovation in Research, Pursuit of Perfection, Customers first." as well as persistence in the quality of our product. Obtained ISO9002 certifications in 1998 and ISO9001: 2000 certification in 2002, external auditing per year to ensure the high standard for the quality.

A Glance into The future

In a highly competitive era, the manufacturing equipments used in the industry are demanded to allow high-speed automated production capability, to improve efficiency and lower cost. UV curing technology is the exact solution for such demand. As one of the few UV curing equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, our high quality and better service to the customers fulfills our customers expectations and satisfactions, both foreign and domestic. We also export in mass quantity to developed countries such as US, Japan and EU. UV Light Enterprise Co., Ltd. constantly introduces new technology and components from abroad, as well as improving and innovating relative products to enhance our engineering capability. We have devoted ourselves to making bigger contributions to the industry.